Our online 360 Degree Feedback software drives manager performance and helps organisations identify areas for learning and development. A properly implemented 360 Degree Feedback system helps identify manager competency gaps, which can be addressed to improve performance and Employee Engagement across the entire workforce. Our 360 Degree Feedback reports are automatically built for you, making administration simple and helping remove the vendor from the reporting process. You are able to immediately identify learning gaps and development opportunities.

360 Degree  Feedback Report 360 Degree Appraisal

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Manager and Executive Surveys Included

Our online software is provided with flexible Executive and Management survey questionnaires. Each questionnaire can be individually customised by you. Or they can be copied to create new surveys more suited to your environment. It is possible to customise rating scales as well as using open ended feedback for commentary. Support is also available from organisation psychologists, if required.

Self Administered From Our 360 Degree Dashboard

Simple administration is built in to our software. It features on line electronic help and audio visual help. Our product makes it very easy to follow up unanswered questionnaires by sending email reminders at the click of a button.

360 Dashboard

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