PeopleStreme provides online employee appraisals and staff reviews through our Performance Appraisal software. Your managers can provide meaningful employee appraisals and instant feedback reporting on your performance appraisal process. Real time reporting helps you manage every staff review with full visibility at every organisational level. Goal setting is simplified, making the employee review much easier for both employees and managers and the software can be tighly integrated with our numerous Talent Management modules.

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Online Performance Appraisals Against Competencies

Review employees against organisational competencies or role specific competencies as well as behaviours. Use our Competency Library or a Competency Library of your choice (including Federal Government or State Government Competency Libraries). During the staff appraisal, goal setting for Competency Gaps is automatically populated in the Learning and Development Plan as a suggested learning opportunity.

Performance Objectives

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Competency Assessment with Feedback Writer

PeopleStreme Performance Appraisal assists Line managers by making the Performance Appraisal process simple. Feedback Assistants help managers write feedback at review time as well as rating employees against their competencies. We provide the ILS Framework and HRSG Competency Framework, on request.

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