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Streamlined talent acquisition and recruiting

Want to source the best talent in a quick and efficient way?

PeopleStreme eRecruitment is an intuitively designed Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that streamlines the recruitment process and consolidates all the associated administrative tasks, while providing a really simple and engaging experience for applicants, building up your employer brand.

Build your own candidate database or talent pools to be leveraged as roles become available. Cost and time to hire is lowered. Screening questions help you identify the right applicant sooner. A branded careers portal means a great first impression. Quality of candidates and their engagement is increased!

PeopleStreme recruitment software helps you with:

  • Recruitment efficiency
  • Time to hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Candidate quality
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
Increase your recruitment efficiency

Increase your recruitment efficiency

Recruitment efficiency is improved during the recruitment process by automating manual processes and significantly reducing printed materials and the great paper shuffle – which helps the environment. Candidate Management reporting helps to improve visibility on blockages in the process and has the potential to significantly reduce hiring delays.

Online scheduling leads directly to improved coordination between line managers and recruiters (interview scheduling, resume review, hiring). By using Advanced Search Agents, recruiters can immediately identify strong candidates and respond faster than other recruiters or competing employers.

PeopleStreme Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking can be integrated with other PeopleStreme Human Capital Management modules such as Online Succession Planning, Workforce Forecasting and Employee Recognition software.

Reduce your time to hire

Reduce your time to hire

Reduced time to hire is achieved by using online eRecruitment to reduce time delays in communication and improve workforce planning responsiveness during the applicant screening and selection processes.

Online reporting provides immediate visibility on where the candidate sourcing is stalled and advanced search agents help recruitment management by automatically delivering advertised jobs to their email inbox. The recruitment software also uses advanced agents to enable recruiters to immediately source suitable applicants who have expressed interest in a job by identifying candidate resumes which are a close match to the job description.

Reduce your cost to hire

Reduce your cost per hire

Reduced cost per hire is achieved by leveraging the Talent Pool that is built up as part of the Organisation Development strategy, where candidate applications are received, stored and retrieved electronically.

Reduced advertising expenses are achieved by advertising on the organisations own website rather than external job boards or in the press. A more efficient applicant tracking and management process means that wages and organisation resources are saved through less time wasted conducting the candidate management process.

Increase candidate quality

Increase candidate quality

Increased candidate quality and candidate engagement is achieved by using electronic screening questions as part of the candidate's online application process. Employee Retention also becomes more likely because the engaging career site provides candidates with online visibility of your organisational values, mission, vision and culture.

The social recruiting capability gives recruiters access to a bigger talent pool through internal referrals for open jobs.

"Internal applicant tracking process improvement is critical because talented professionals simply don't wait for recruiters to return their calls any more. They can find alternate employers very quickly."Peter Vlant, COO, PeopleStreme.

HR Reporting Analytics Dashboard

Gain insight with analytics and reports

With comprehensive metrics, you can measure the effectiveness and value of your quality-of-hire metrics by comparing new-hire performance with key recruiting features. These metrics provide executives and managers a clear picture of how new talents are driving organisational success.

PeopleStreme social recruitment system seamlessly integrate eRecruitment with multiple job boards, your Payroll system, Onboarding, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Talent Management and more!

Cloud HR Services Software

Features for Admins, Managers and Recruiters

Our eRecruitment platform comes standard with various levels of control per user - Employers, Managers, Recruiters, Administrators, and so on.

Such features include:

  • Schedule Interviews,
  • Dashboards for open/closed jobs,
  • Job requisitions and offer approvals,
  • Applicant management,
  • Editing and making interview notes, and more!
Customised HR software to suit you!

Customised to suit you!

We know how important it is that your employees feel comfortable when things change, so we let you customise your new HR platform to match your colours, logo, rating scales, manager roles & more!

And yes, these changes are all easily managed by you and come standard with any PeopleStreme platform!

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