PeopleStreme has licensed the HRSG comprehensive competency library for use in our Talent Management suite, to help organisations implement a comprehensive competency framework. The competencies cover the vast majority of roles for most organisations and drive performance by providing a framework to manage capability gaps for all employees and therefore facilitate the talent and performance development processes.

PeopleStreme also has available the Federal Integrated Leadership System (ILS) Competency Framework ('copyright Commonwealth of Australia reproduced by permission')

Why Use Competencies?

  • Translate the organisation's vision and goals into expected employee behaviour
  • Set more effective (and valid) criteria for developing and evaluating performance
  • Implement more effective and legally defensible recruitment, selection and assessment methods
  • Identify gap between present skill sets and future requirements
  • Better target training dollars
  • If downsizing is required, ensure retention of the essential competencies
  • Improve engagement by empowering employees to take charge of their careers, direct their own personal development, and continually self-evaluate and improve.

Why do I need competencies when I already have job descriptions?

In contrast to a job description, which typically lists the tasks or functions and responsibilities for a particular role, a set of competencies (or competency 'profile') lists the abilities needed to conduct those tasks or functions. Competencies are described in terms such that they can be observed, measured and rated against criteria that are standardized and required to do the job effectively.

How were the competencies developed?

Through extensive literature search and review of best practices, as well as experience gained from conducting over 50 large-scale competency projects in the last 15 years, a team of Industrial / Organizational Psychologists have developed a dictionary of competencies that have been shown to be critical to organisational success.

How can I add the Competency Library to my PeopleStreme System ?

If you require the Competency Library, PeopleStreme will install and pre-load it for you.

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