The PeopleStreme eLearning module is online online learning software for delivering fast, simple to use elearning content. It can be deployed in as little as 2-14 days and PeopleStreme develops elearning courses to suit your organisation needs. It is ideal for Induction, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Ethics training and many other eLearning applications. The software is enabled for video, audio and written elearning.

Use our eLearning services to publish your printed learning material

If you have your own content, PeopleStreme have an expert team that can convert your learning development content to online eLearning courseware, including audio and video content, online testing, results tracking and full reporting per learner.

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Learning Catalogue with 3000+ Courses

We partner with various content providers to provide you with the most comprehensive Learning Content Catalog available. We can help you assess what content is needed, how best to licence it and how to have it loaded and launched through our Learning Management platform.

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eLearning saves money.

What does it cost you in flights and accommodation to train staff ?

PeopleStreme eLearning Management can save you a lot of money and has other benefits such as improving employee performance, increased retention and better employee engagement.

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