PeopleStreme Employee Recognition software allows managers and employees to nominate staff members who display excellent organisational values, behaviors or top performance. The system helps drive organisation values, behaviours and employee performance for the entire workforce (not just salaried employees). Pride@Work also drives Employee Engagement by simplifying Employee Recognition, up to business leader level. This helps deliver on the organisation's promise that exceptional performance will be recognised and helps drive Human Capital development. Organisational values and behaviors then become tangible through employee rewards.


  • Allows nomination for employee recognition against demonstrated values and behaviors, for example Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation
  • Employees who have won an award (current and previous periods) are displayed on the front page with an outline as to why they won the award
  • Employee Reward and Recognition can be applied to your entire workforce, not just salaried employees
  • Award Frequency can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
  • Reporting on all nominated employees short listed with rating and described behaviors
  • Short list provided to CEO/HR Director/Committee to decided on the final recipients of Recognition and Reward

Data Management

  • Full Control Panel for Administrator
  • Password protection and login for all employees
  • Business rules control nomination rules, for example you can't nominate the same person for employee recognition several times within a period
  • Full payroll import makes nomination simple, search for the employee by name, then describe the behavior the employee exhibited in order to be nominated


  • Winners published for all to see without having to log in Security
  • Set security as you need to limit or restrict access.

Technical Specifications

  • Internet Browser based, no IT deployment issues
  • SQL Server database
  • Hosted by us or by you

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