The PeopleStreme Engagement Survey (PS-EE) is an online Engagement survey tool. The survey enables the HR department to quickly create and distribute an anonymous Engagement Survey to help the organisation quickly analyse Employee Engagement. By immediately identifying Employee Engagement Factors and hot spots through the inclusive Engagement Survey Reports, the organisation is able to better support Employee Engagement issues.

The tool also includes a new Employee Engagement KnowledgeBase, with recommended remedies for each engagement factor affecting employee engagement.

In addition to remedies, the Employee Engagement survey ranks the top employee engagement priorities by relative score. This means you can prioritize the Employee Engagement Factors requiring urgent attention in order to improve Employee Engagement. Reporting is made much easier with the inclusion of a pre-formatted Executive Reporting Pack, which you can tailor to include results from your own survey.

The Employee Engagement Survey can be fully complemented with an Executive Presentation and briefing by an independent Psychologists, if you need a third party opinion and report.

Immediate Reporting

All your survey data is online and available to you 24x7. Reporting is made easy by the instant online Dashboard Reports. These reports enable the HR manager to diagnose where and what types of engagement issues are present. The HR manager is then able to facilitate a discussion with each manager about potential remedies that can help improve engagement in the line managers department. Reports containing engagement survey results can be immediately exported to Excel or other common data formats by the internal HR administrator.

Establish Engagement Benchmarks Fast

PeopleStreme Employee Engagement software builds reports immediately, as the survey is conducted, not after delays of weeks or months. This enables you to immediately compare and prioritize each Department or Division with organizational and industry benchmarks. You can easily correlate your Employee Engagement results to other relevant data such as :

  • Absenteeism rate
  • Lost time injury rate
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Previous restructures

Standard reporting includes:

  • Department/ Division comparison with the Organisation Benchmark
  • Gender Comparison
  • Location Comparison (State or other Location information)
  • Custom Fields provide additional demographics for reporting
  • All data can be exported for reporting purposes.

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Recommended Remedies

Included with the system, online recommendations are provided for each question that has an effect on Employee Engagement. Recommended remedies are backed up by an explanation and research. This helps the HR manager visualize where a particular department has issues and the HR manager then has ammunition to suggest and discuss recommended remedies with the department manager.

By using this Closed Loop methodology, the Employee Engagement survey is turned into individual action plans to improve Employee Engagement for every employee. Action Planning (how to improve Employee Engagement) can also be fully facilitated by PeopleStreme organisation psychologists.

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