PeopleStreme's Employee Exit Survey is the worlds most advanced Employee Exit Survey software that enables an organization to assess why individuals are leaving the organization, by Exit Factor. You can then create instant reports by any demographic you choose, for example by age group, location, division, department or other demographics. You can then compare your organizations Exit Factors with the Global Employee Exit Benchmark to assess how your organization is performing relative to the Global Employee Exit Benchmark.

Once you know how your organization is performing, you can then create retention strategies by addressing the Exit Factors. Included in the software is a Knowledge Base of potential Emloyee Exit remedies to help plan how to reduce Employee Exit Factors.

Major Functional Points

  • Supports on line and off line survey completion.
  • Automatically compiles reports by Exit Question and Exit Factor.
  • Full Benchmark for instant comparisons.
  • Data can be exported to other reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel for custom analysis.
  • Multi Language support.
  • Custom Employee Exit Questions can be added to the base Employee Exit Questions.
  • Delivered via PeopleStreme HCM Cloud - no software to install, just use your browser from any location around the world. Multi National - conduct global Exit Surveys from one or many locations.
  • Create Retention plans by Division or Department.
  • Employee Exit Knowledge Base contains potential remedies to reduce employee turnover.

Advantages over existing Methods of Employee Turnover Collation

There are several advantages, as follows:

  • Benchmark your organisation against Employee Exit benchmarks
  • Far more time efficient for HR. No manual exit interviews, no data collation, no formatting data for reports.
  • Reporting data is instantly available, no delays for data collation and reporting.
  • HR can apply effort to strategies to fix hot spots as opposed to spending time on data collation and reporting.
  • Remedy action planning provided via integrated Employee Exit KnowledgeBase

Flexible Questionaire

The Exit Survey has a comprehensive pre-built questionnaire into which users key their data. Custom questions can be added to the base Employee Exit Questionnaire to address specific issue that are unique to your organization.

Track Exit Survey Completion

The questionnaire is delivered to the employee via email once HR has been advised that the employee is leaving the organisation. HR generate the questionnaire and emails it to the employee via the Employee Exit Control Panel. If the Employee has no access to a computer, HR can complete the Exit Questions on the behalf of the employee.

Employee Lifecycle

PeopleStreme Exit Survey forms part of the PeopleStreme Employee Lifecycle product suite. The suite includes an Attachment Survey (90 days after employment), Employee Engagement Survey and Employee Exit Survey.

Full Reporting

As indicated previously, reporting is instant, always on demand and can be printed at your request, by manager, department, Exit Factor, Exit Question and other custom reports.

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