HR Metrics tend to be ignored as every day, in every organisation, we measure, report, analyse, forecast and project on every other key facet of business operations, apart from Human Capital. Very little if any information is regularly provided in relation to HR Metrics analysis because the data is too hard to get to in the absence of integrated HR Metrics software. This is even though CEO's can readily access performance data in key areas such as revenue, forward orders, production, quality, shipping and inventory. In an operating environment where labour costs constitute one of the largest annual expenditures incurred, why is that we struggle to effectively measure and report on our non financial management

If we accept that clear linkages exist between workforce performance and quality, waste, productivity, customer service, innovation and new product development/release, (to name just a few), surely it makes sense that we develop, implement and maintain integrated Human Capital Metrics suitable to the specific needs of our organisation?

If this is not sufficiently compelling on its own, let us consider what lies ahead of us in relation to baby-boomer retirements, an ageing workforce, a shrinking labour pool and the emergence of third world economies that are hungry for qualified and experienced employees. How can we expect to meet future business objectives/plans for growth if we cannot adequately forecast and measure our future labour capacity and resourcing needs?

The solution is Perfohrm - a web-based Human Resources Dashboard offering a comprehensive range of analytics and reporting tools covering every key area of workforce management.

Workforce  Metrics