PeopleStreme HR Software is a set of modular HRIS systems, which provide many solutions for dealing with years of cuts in the Human Resources department. HR software facilitates more effective Workforce Management and releases much needed time so that critical payroll, recruitment and industrial relations issues can be dealt with more effectively. Human Capital professionals can then become more pro-active in helping the organisation achieve maximum value from its HR Management systems and can better facilitate Employee Engagement. With record low unemployment and a generational shift in the workforce, many HR Management professionals find it difficult to also cope with the introduction of HRIS technology and this is where PeopleStreme has built an extraordinary reputation.

PeopleStreme understands what is needed to really make a Human Capital initiative work. We have a near 100% relicence rate and a significant amount of our work is through referral. This is because :

We Do our own Research

PeopleStreme is the primary sponsor of the Performance Management insitute of Australia and conducts it's own research rather than relying on overseas studies or limited studies in the Australian HR industry

We Modify the Software to Suit the Customer

We understand that all organisations are unique and that it is this uniqueness which makes them special. This is why we have built our Human Resources Software as a range of modules which our clients can cherry pick to suit their own needs. In addition, we are happy to make changes where the client's own process can be better followed by doing so.

We Train the Managers

Employees leave managers, not organisations about 50% of the time. For Human Capital projects to succeed, we believe it is crucial to train line managers in how to better manage their teams, not just how to use our software.

We have Built our own Organisations

The personal experience of our principals has been invaluable. They have been leaders for and built organisations with hundreds of staff and have seen HR challenges first hand - employee engagement, employee retention, performance appraisal, competency library frameworks and so on. Plus, we have dealt with literally hundreds of business and government clients and understand the different organisation drivers of each.

We Help With The Business Case

The HR department now has the lowest level of discretionary spending but this is all changing. We help the CEO and CFO understand than an investment in their people is able to be returned tenfold in a very short time. This helps us to help you get access to the funding you need to make your Human Resources project a success.

Project Management Provided

PeopleStreme employs professional project managers who have rolled out multi-million dollar projects as well as small projects. These skills are not taught in Human Resources colleges and, therefore, we partner with HR professionals by providing our own Project Management team when needed.

PeopleStreme HR Software Solutions

Employee Engagement and Employee Retention

Do you know who is likely to leave the organisation in the next 12 months?

Do you know who your top talent is?

Do your line managers have people ready to take over critical roles?

Do you know which roles are critical to your line managers’ ability to deliver results?

Talent Management is a process performed by managers that provides them with a visual representation as to who their top talent is, who occupies critical roles, who is likely to leave the organisation and Succession Planning for their entire team. Talent Management enables reduced staff turnover, ensures you have people ready to take over critical roles, enables you to understand 'flight risk' and allows you to understand who your top talent is. > more

Employee Attraction and Candidate Management

Do you know which open roles you can fill with an internal staff member or manager ?

How does the marketplace perceive your organisation as an employer?

Are you leveraging technology to improve your time to respond and market reach for new hires ?

Today, there is strong competition for attracting talented employees. How they find your organisation and how they perceive you will have an immediate impact on whether they respond to one of your organsations roles. Our Recruitment Software allows you to post jobs to your own web site, giving potential employees an immediate taste of your organisation. The software also streamlines the entire employment process including requisitions and approvals and job board ads. > more

Performance Management

Do your staff really understand their part of the Strategic plan?

Are they clear on what you are expecting them to do?

Connect your people to the Strategy and make them accountable for their part of the strategy. Review their performance all the way through the year, not once a year. Annual appraisals are a thing of the past. Employee Performance Management is the new process that is driving Performance across entire organisations. Performance Management results have been validated by too many large organisation and academics to ignore. > more

Competency Management

Does the person in the role have the right competencies to perform the role?

What are the gaps?

What development do they need?

How do we grow the organisations capability?

PeopleStreme has a fully integrated Competency Manager. Designed for many levels of Competency Management, this module enables managers to assess competencies, determine the gap and link this to the individuals Development Plan. The module supports multiple competency models and enables organisations to implement 3 levels of Competencies, Organisation, Department and Position Specific Competencies.> more

Succession Planning

Do you know who can take over from your real leaders?

Do you know who is ready now?

Do you know who to engage in accelerated development?

The PeopleStreme Succession Planning module is designed for the strategic part of Succession Planning as opposed to Tactical Succession Planning in the Talent Management module. This module is typically used with all of the organisations talent pool and is specifically designed to drive this process with on-demand reports and visual representation of the Succession Plan. > more

Performance Incentive Management

Are your staff incented on their performance?

Can your managers perform a 'what if' analysis against staff ratings?

Can line managers balance their budget in terms of incentives?

The Remuneration Module of PeopleStreme enables managers to perform a 'what if' analysis against ratings of team members. This module enables managers to balance their budget and ensure they spend money on incentives wisely and maximize the outcome. > more

Employee Initiated Turnover

Do you know why people are leaving your organisation?

Do you know where the hot spots are?

Do you know what it is costing your organisation?

Do you know what interventions will have an impact on reducing Employee Initiated Turnover and where to apply them?

Once you understand the reasons why people actually leave, then you can act. Most HR Departments are not able to really define the top 10 reasons why people leave, where the hot spots are, which managers and departments constantly churn staff and what the real cost to the organisation is. The EIT module of PeopleStreme does all of this for you with very little manual intervention in the process. Spend your time fixing the problem, not chasing exit survey forms.

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