PeopleStreme has the management consulting and objectives training skills to help you conduct Performance Management and Appraisal processes more effectively and with very high quality. If the managers are weak at setting Performance Objectives, they are not truly accountable and there is little point in setting up a Performance Management culture or installing automated software. We are able to provide this critical "training-in" because our expertise has come about through our work with many large organisations and our research with Australian Universities, to deploy high performance Management Objectives systems.

"72 % of employees have only ever had a performance review conducted in relation to their position description and not tied to organisational goals

62 % of employees only have reviews once per year"

(Source : Performance Management Institute of Australia

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Target Audience and Learning Outcomes

This course is intended to teach the hard skills of Writing Objectives, which most Management Training courses do not provide. For example, writing objectives which are specific, relevant and time bound and measuring against these objectives for quality and alignment to strategy. In doing so managers will be able to use their new objectives writing skills to better develop high performing teams.

Skills Attained and Course Outline

  • Theory of Performance Management
  • Why Bother with Performance Management ?
  • The Journey of Improving Performance
  • What is The Performance Management Process ?

How to Write Objectives with High Quality

  • Elements of Performance Management
  • Writing and Setting Objectives
  • Cascading Quality Objectives
  • Linkages between processes, objectives and Business outcomes
  • Define Key Corporate Objectives
  • Alignment and Assignment of Strategy
  • Creating SSMARTT Objectives
  • Elements of Good Objectives
  • Workshop sample
  • Objectives for your direct reports
  • Dependencies and Conflicting Objectives

How to Review against Objectives

  • Reviewing and the Feedback Loop
  • Do's and Don't of Giving Feedback

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Booking Details

Pricing : Workshop $4,400 Inc. GST per workshop for up to 6 attendees

(Add Travel and Accomodation for Onsite Workshop)

Duration: Half Day

Location: All Australian Capital Cities subject to demand

PeopleStreme understands that there is a constant need to train employees and managers and to facilitate strategic alignment. We can customise training courses, with the right organisational language, to suit the needs of each organisation.

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