Streamline your OnBoarding process with WelcomeStreme software to onboard, induct and welcome new employees. WelcomeStreme helps you onboard, induct and welcome new employees quickly and efficiently while reducing their time to productivity.

With WelcomeStreme, new employees are able to:

  • Receive a Welcome message from your Executives
  • Access forms required to commence productive employment online
  • Complete mandatory policy agreements and induction courses
  • Easily access helpful contacts to help them getting started at your organisation.
  • Receive on going communications during their pre-employment and initial employment period

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Lets take a look:

Welcome Message

The day the employee is hired, they can commence their journey with your organisation, starting with a message from your CEO and an overview of your organisation.

Course Development

Simplify Employee Induction with WelcomeStreme

Auto filled Forms and Digital Signature

Employees can access required forms online, such as Tax File Number, Bank Deposit forms, car park pass requests, etc. according to your company's requirements. Your new hire need only fill out their details once; remaining forms are auto filled. Forms that require signatures are completed electronically, via a security code sent securely to your new hire's mobile phone.

Induction Course

Employees can complete a full customized Induction Course with questions, pass marks and Certificate of completion. The Induction Course can be complete before new employees arrive for their first day of starting on the job.

Policy Management

Employees can sign off on all mandatory policies electronically. No more searching for documents, chasing down forms, its all online. These can be completed even before your new hire's first day. With actionable reporting and reminders, induction tasks are completed correctly and on time, and you have full visibility of the process. Once complete, forms are digitally stored and easily accessed.


Through WelcomeStreme you can provide your new hires with the necessary contact points for ongoing Help and assistance during their critical induction period.

Course Development

Simplify Employee Induction with WelcomeStreme

Why WelcomeStreme ?

Fully Digital, Automated System

All induction tasks are completed online, stored digitally and easily accessed. With actionable reporting and reminders, you have full visibility and control of the process.

Engaged and Productive Faster

Frustrating paper-based processes can lead to employee disengagement, resulting in slow time to productivity and potential employee turnover. With WelcomeStreme, new hires are immediately engaged with your organisation via a welcome message from your executives, an overview of your organisation and a list of helpful contacts. OnBoard faster than ever by giving them the tools to complete forms and policies online before they even start. Make this a positive experience for your new hire while reducing time to productivity and preventing employee turnover.

Course Development

Simplify Employee Induction Training and Engage Your People

Reduce Risk

With full reporting on Policy Management Courses, you can see who has signed off on your organisation's policies. You can rest assured that policies have been read, understood, and signed by each employee.

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