Many organisations struggle with aligning organisation development through improved Human Capital management. This is because the application of organisation development via behavioural science (such as Employee Engagement processes) is difficult to link to financial outcomes and is therefore hard to quantify. While the link between organisation development and performance management is well understood, it is difficult to build and sustain Talent Management systems to help drive organisation development over the longer term. PeopleStreme provides organisation development systems and workplace communication services to help achieve long term sustainable advantage through :

Strategy Alignment

The leaders are driving the organisation somewhere and the strategy is the path they are following. A lot of research now indicates that the leadership team is highly conversant with the strategy but the message becomes seriously diluted as we move through the organisation to grass roots workers. PeopleStreme are experts at dealing with this problem by providing Strategy Mapping Executive facilitation. This helps the Executive team understand their own part in achieving the organisation strategy and creates a diagramatic strategy representation which is intuitively understood by most managers and employees.

Employee Engagement

Advanced Talent Management tools are now needed in order to identify existing employees with high employee involvement and employee commitment and those without. Blanket engagement surveys are impersonal and don't help reduce unplanned turnover, especially of top talent. Employee engagement and retention of top talent can only be improved if managers can easily see what's going on in their own teams. Through graphical reporting, managers are better able to direct their development budgets, know who needs the focus of their attention and who is likely to leave the organisation.

Line Manager Buy In

Like it or not, the management team can make or break any organisation initiative. Today, line managers are under significant pressure to better engage and develop their teams. Unfortunately they often receive mixed messages from their own managers or the executive team, who themselves are often in fire-fighting mode. Line managers need clear communication, so that they understand precisely what is expected of them. They also need the tools and skills required to properly direct the work effort of their teams. PeopleStreme helps solve these problems by providing software and consulting services to help managers set Business Unit goals and to open up the lines of communication with both their superiors and their team members.

Software Solution Flexibility

Organisation Development professionals understand that when it comes to HR systems, one size does not fit all. More so, few suppliers are willing to make changes to their software or customise consulting services to suit the tried and tested systems of the organisation. PeopleStreme is almost unique in that we work with OD managers to tailor a consulting and software solution that is the best fit for the organisation. In special cases, PeopleStreme will also pre-build the software to the customer requirement and demonstrate it before purchase.

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