Our Guaranteed Deployment Program means that our clients are guaranteed to get the project outcomes that we agreed. Please read below for more details or for more information please contact our Account Management Team.

Cloud or Premises Hosted

We recognise that many clients have a need to host their sensitive employee data on their own server. This is why PeopleStreme offers the option to host your system in the cloud or on your own internal server.

If you host in the cloud, your sensitive employee data will always reside in a seperate database, just for your organisation. You can also be confident knowing that PeopleStreme’s data centers are Carrier/Enterprise Grade with high reliability, security and backup systems.

Employee Privacy

If you choose to host your system in the cloud, your sensitive employee information will be protected so as to ensure the privacy of that information. We will not use your employee information for any purpose other than helping you to get the most from your employees while using our systems.

Project Management

Our Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for the definition and maintenance of the project management processes and standards, while being in line with the PeopleStreme Design and Configuration Methodology.
While PeopleStreme PMO utilises all nine Project Management disciplines from the Project Management Body of Knowledge for our project management methodology, some of the key highlights of the PMO are given below:

  • Project Planning
    Project planning is done at the inception of each project and it is a prime focus area on PeopleStreme Project Management methodology.
  • Project Tracking
    Tracking progress and on time completion of milestones is done using the project schedules and other proven tracking tools defined by the PeopleStreme PMO.
  • Project Monitoring & Control
    PeopleStreme PMO uses their own metric framework for project monitoring and control. The metric framework consists of quality indicators to ensure quality of all phases of the project lifecycle.
  • Risk Management
    Project Risks and Issues Management is another prime focus area on PeopleStreme Project Management Methodology. All risks and issues are identified, categorised, quantified and the risk exposures and status are being tracked through the risk management tool on a periodic basis.
  • Project Reporting
    Formal reporting mechanisms have been established as part of the Project Management Methodology to ensure all stakeholders are informed about the project progress, risks/issues and action items.
  • Change Communication : Many projects fail because the business does not understand the Why? of what the project is about. This must be communicated in proper business language to the managers who are, ultimately, the custodians of the project outcomes. In the absence of this communication, participation rates fall to between 30%-35% because managers don't understand Why they need to follow the new process.
  • Implementation Services : We assist organisations in eliminating unnecessary administration overheads. Most often this means accessing data which resides on other systems including payroll or other HRIS systems. Our services include:
    • Payroll/HRIS interface to reduce administration
    • Data Modelling and Sourcing
    • Data Migration Planning - from one source to another
    • Report Planning
    • Software Customisation – Scope, Costing and Delivery
    • Creating job descriptions and aligning them with the organisations objectives and organisations needs
    • Competency Modelling and Competency Framework design
  • Support Services : Unlike our foreign competitors, PeopleStreme provides an after sales support service which is local and culturally relevant. Bug reporting and design changes are therefore effected with much higher speed, accuracy and courtesy.
  • Integration Services : ERP, Payroll and legacy HRIS systems are linked to our systems as part of our project.

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Change Management Services

Click here for Executive Strategy Mapping Workshops

Click here for Manager and Business Unit Alignment Workshops

Administrator Training and Train the Trainer

In order that you get the most value from our systems, we provide administrator training to help make it as easy as and as cheap as possible for you to support your users. This significantly improves how quickly you can respond to user enquiries, how well users interact with our system and significantly lowers your cost because our systems are so flexible.

Train the Trainer is a program which teaches you how to conduct your own user training. It can have a significant impact on the content of the training as well as making it much more cost effective.

User Training and Online Learning

If you prefer us to do the user training, we have two methods of delivery. First, we can conduct user training in large workshops in two hour sessions. This encourages user feedback and we are able to handle manager and employee concerns on the spot.

Alternately, we can provide online learning, which we co-develop with you, and roll this out using our own or your learning management system. This means users can learn in their own time and it is less disruptive across the business.

Configuration Services

We understand that all organisations are unique and that it is this uniqueness which makes them special. This is why we have built our Human Resources Software as a range of modules which our clients can cherry pick to suit their own needs. In addition, we are happy to make changes where the client's own process can be better followed by doing so.

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