Workforce Management encompasses a diverse set of Human Capital management tools. PeopleStreme provides Workforce Management Software which focusses on helping organisations to get the best from their employees and to improve organisation sustainability, rather than just time and attendance systems.

Our Workforce Management systems include a range of modules to assist employee career development and employee performance. For example our Talent Management module helps employees record their career aspirations and helps managers to map career objectives with organisation needs. Our Succession Planning module helps the HR department to conduct succession management through the entire organisation, not just the executive team. If it happens that many employees are leaving a particular part of the organisation our Exit Survey module provides an anonymous exit survey which helps identify and resolve resignation hot spots.

Workforce Management is a complex issue and no single piece of software will suit every organisation. The truth is, different organisations are at different levels of development and enjoy being able to choose from a range of solutions to suit both immediate and strategic Human Capital Management needs.

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