Do you get asked for Workforce Analytics and Metrics all the time?

Tired of compiling your Workforce Analytics and Metrics in spreadsheets?

Welcome to PeopleStreme Workforce Analytics

PeopleStreme Workforce Analytics enables instant reporting on your key HR Metrics, for example:

  • Employee Turnover
  • Employee Head Count
  • Employee Movements by type; for example Employees In, Employees Promoted, Employees Out (Exited)
  • Employee Average Age
  • Employee Movement
  • Age Spread
  • Average Tenure
  • Tenure Spread
  • Gender Spread
  • Critical Role Counts
  • Average Flight Risk
  • Average Number of Successors (Bench Strength of Successors)
  • Average Successor Readiness
  • Average Engagement (Manager Assessed)
  • Uncovered Roles (very Critical and Critical)

These types of reports are typically available by time period and by organisation structure such as Division, Department and drill down to individual employee detail.

All charts and data can be instantly exported to CSV file format or export as a chart or image.

Why Workforce Analytics and Metrics

  • Actionable Data – get the data you need to act and remedy issues affecting your organisation. Stop wasting time collecting data in spreadsheets.
  • Help your management understand - help your management teams to understand the impact of HR Metrics and what it means to their business units.
  • Drive you HR strategies – you can really drive your HR strategy if your strategy is backed with clear HR Analytics and Metrics.
  • Improve Business outcomes - reduce unwanted turnover by targeting hot spots, improve talent readiness to take over roles that become vacant, address other issues that are affecting your organization because you have the data to address Human Capital issues.

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