The Workforce Restructuring module enables organisations to plan their future Human Capital requirements. PeopleStreme Workforce Restructuring is a tool to enable a workforce planner to work with line management to develop various restructure plans under different scenarios.


Payroll Import
PeopleStreme Workforce Restructuring Module can import your payroll data. This means you are up and running in days, not weeks.

Restructure – By Scenario by Department by Year
Workforce Planners can create a plan for different Scenarios, for each year for each Department. Each Scenario details head count, dollar cost saving and provides both Department Summary and Organisational Summary Reports.

Completion Status
As a restructure plan is completed, the Status Panel is updated. This shows the person in charge of the entire restructure what has been completed and what has not. For example, the Status Panel will show that the Restructure plan for Marketing has been completed using two different Scenarios.

Risk Reduction
Workforce Planners completing the Restructure plan can establish risk factors for the restructure and can therefore mitigate risk by addressing these issues as they complete each departments restructuring plan.

Multi User
The Workforce Restructuring module can be used by several workforce planners at one time. This enables the Workforce Restructure to be completed quickly with full visibility of progress from the Status Panel.

Restructure Strategy – By Scenario by Department by Year with Cost Comparison
Once the restructure plan is complete then a Restructure Strategy can be developed in consultation with the line managers. The Restructure Strategy details how the Restructure plan will be achieved and what each plan will cost.

Graphical Reporting
Reports are generated by Department by head count and dollar cost as well as an organisation wide consolidated Head Count and dollar cost report. The system produces graphical reports for each department as well as a consolidated organisation wide report. Reports can be exported to Word or PDF documents.

Organisation Chart

Scenario organisation charts are generated for each Restructure scenario.

Advantages over manual methods:

  • Instant Visibility of Restructure plans, head count and dollar costs for each scenario
  • Visualization of Risk Factors for each Scenario.
  • Consolidated Database with multiple scenarios menas no messing around with spreadsheets to present the plan to the CEO/CFO.
  • Quick to deploy. No more sitting around trying to design spreadsheets.
  • Hosted by us, accessible anywhere where you have internet access.

Technical Specifications

Web Browser Based, full hosted service

Microsoft Platform based.

Workforce Restructuring